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February 2021

Greetings from LumenSoft,

Stock transfer is an important part of the retail cycle. The stock transfer happens not just from the warehouse to the outlet but also-if you are running a retail chain business- from one outlet to another.  

As you know, Candela retail software has a feature-packed stock transfer module to manage various types of stock transfers. The latest release of Candela has added two more features requested by you. 

Now the ‘Shop STR Request’ screen will show a new report ‘STR Request Report.’ This report will show details of the items requested, the source from where the items will be dispatched, and the destination where the items will be received.  

Moreover, all STR reports generated from the ‘Process STR’ screen will now show both GRN and Request numbers if the STR is built by loading GRN invoice or STR request.

To learn about the STR functionality, please visit the training center on the candela website.

Candela Retail Software Training Center has a complete tutorial section dedicated to the STR module in Candela. You can visit the page to check the videos tutorials about how to transfer stock.

Some of you also requested the ‘Net Sales’ column in the C-12 Salesperson wise sale report. Now once you update your Candela release to you will find the Net Sales column in the C-12 report.

We recently had a chance to talk about various pharmacy business related happenings to one of our Candela Pharmacy customers. You can read the interview by clicking the link below.
Nimbus News

There’s a lot that is happening at far as Nimbus online retail software is concerned. And it is only your feedback and suggestions that keep us going. Nimbus is integrated with e-commerce platforms, and it has a built-in accounting module. 

Now, to further facilitate retail businesses, we have added more discount types in Nimbus RMS. You can learn how to use them by watching the video tutorials. And if you need any help, do let us know. Our team is always there to help you.

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