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Latest Candela Release:

Greetings from LumenSoft,

It has been an eventful year for LumenSoft. From settling down in the new office to building a great sales team for Nimbus RMS. Now 2023 is just down the corner. Here's to new beginnings, new resolutions, and new achievements. 

LumenSoft's goal for 2023 is to keep making Pakistan proud by catering to the retail industry in Pakistan and abroad. Our customers' success and our products' role in it keep us going. We hope the new year will bring continued success and happiness. 

Those of you who have the latest release of Candela must have seen and used the new features in the latest Candela release. The much-requested feature of 'Customer's ledger' on the sales receipt is now available. The new sales receipt SR-29 when selected will show the customer's ledger.

Another cool feature is the added functionality of the price checker. On the sales and return screen, when you open the price checker for a scanned product (by pressing F7), it will also display the current stock of the product.

It is always a good idea to know about the company you work with. We keep sharing the policies, plans, and events at LumenSoft. We suggest checking out our internship program to learn more about LumenSoft. Click the image below to learn how our internship program works.

Internship program at LumenSoft
Nimbus RMS News

Do you want to design your sales receipt? With Nimbus, you can. The brand new feature in Nimbus RMS, Receipt Template Designer, helps customize the sales receipt according to your requirements. 

To access the template designer screen, from the menu, select Utilities>Receipt Template Designer. Try out the template and have fun designing your own receipts.

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May the year 2023 bring peace & prosperity for Pakistan.

Have a great time, and keep retailing.

Yours in Retail,

Team LumenSoft

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