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Greetings from LumenSoft,

Spring is quickly giving way to long hot summer days and nights. Change, whether it is about a new season or new phase in life, can bring opportunities to start anew or bring innovation in the existing ways of doing things. You too can opt to further simplify retail and create an awesome retail experience for your customers.

Whether you have always wanted to track missed sales or wished to monitor below cost sales of various items, Candela has the solution. All you have to do is simply upgrade your release to the version 12028 and benefit for all the new features in Candela RMS.  

For pharmacy retailers, you now have the option to attach doctor’s prescription with sale invoices.

This month we are also giving you a virtual tour of Moti Bazar, the wholesale shoe market in Lahore. Watch below the link in our retail tales category.  

You can also read a guest post by Sara Smith.  In her article, Sara gives a basic grounding in the common website security threats.

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Have a great month, will see you back here in May.

Happy Retailing

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April 24, 2017
Managing Packs and Units in Pharmacy

Dear Techie,

First, I want you to know Candela has made my pharmacy business hassle free. I appreciate all the good work you constantly put in to make Candela the software for Retail.

As you know, in pharmacy business we sell in pack and, sometimes, also in units. Is there a way that can help me keep track of stock and sales in both packs and units? For example, if I have 20 packs of tablets in my stock, I also want to know about the number of tablets. Can you help me?

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April 24, 2017
A Walk Through the Historical Moti Bazar of Lahore
A short video that walks you through the alleys and corners of Moti Bazar shoe market.
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April 24, 2017
10 Most Common Security Attacks That Will Kill Your WordPress Site
...this only means you need to protect your site. Don’t install plugins and themes that you are uncertain of. Some of them may be from random sites that you have never used before. Others may contain viruses that are really harmful. Be careful in choosing which themes to use and plugins to install to prevent this problem...
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Wizard’s Commandment!

Thou shall always backup your data. It is as important as eating! 

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