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Greetings from LumenSoft,

We believe in incremental improvement over time, and this is the reason why at LumenSoft ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 are not just about certifications but serious implementation of all processes and procedures.

Improvement in our products comes via continuous upgrades. Each new release of Candela RMS, and other products, features a new functionality, a bug fix, further simplification of design, and ease of use.

We have been sharing new features through our newsletters and blogposts. You can read about some of the features here and here .

In this newsletter, we are sharing 
details of three of the new functionalities demanded by many Candela users. These functionalities were introduced in Candela RMS in various releases (from 12.0. 3.1 to

For more details about new features and how to use them, you call our support department.  

 For any information, query, comment, and feedback drop a line at
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Make Printing of Sale Receipt Mandatory


There is a Print Receipt check-box on sales and return screen, and previously salespersons could check or un-check this checkbox. 

But now you can make it mandatory for a sales person to print receipt. This is how:

On System>Configuration>Receipt tab, mark the check-box ‘Enable Print Receipt.’

Next, go to Security>Group Rights; from Users Group drop down select Sales Shop; expand Shop Activities, expand Sales and Return

Uncheck ‘Enable Print Receipt Checkbox’


Now the print receipt checkbox will remain checked on the sales and return screen and the receipt will be automatically printed whenever it is saved.


Apply Sales Tax and enter FOC (free of cost) goods while creating a Purchase Order


Now you can enter and edit purchase tax and enter quantities of products being offered in samples and schemes.

On System Configuration>Purchase tab , mark the checkboxes ‘Show Discount and Purchase Tax Details.’ 

Once these checkboxes are marked, three column of sales tax (Sales Tax %, Sales Tax Amount, Total Sales Tax Amount) will appear in the grid on Purchase Order screen.

If Purchase tax is configured on Product Definition screen, system will automatically calculate sales tax accordingly. You can also change sales tax by editing any column and other sales tax columns will be adjusted automatically.

For FOC, on Purchase Order screen mark the check box ‘Show FOC Columnand three columns for FOC- Sampling, Scheme, FOC- will  appear in the grid. You can enter quantities in Sampling and Scheme columns, the total quantity will appear in FOC column.


You can check Credit Card wise Sale on C-11 Summary Report


On C-11 Shop Sales Report Criteria screen, from View Option radio buttons select ‘Summary Report.’ Click Generate Report.

The Report will show sales against each credit card in separate columns. 

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