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Poshak Mahal Candela customer
Mr. Abdul Ghaffar (Director, Poshak Mehal Chain, Canada) and Syed Fahim Yousuf (GM Marketing, LumenSoft) during contract Signing for Candela Enterprise

Greetings from LumenSoft,

Advance booking of orders and layaways are important features of retail management. Candela helps you effectively manage both these important retail features. Candela users, especially beauty salons, cake shops, meat shops, & boutiques have been successfully using the Advance booking feature to increase customer retention and improve customer experience. Moreover, fashion designers use this feature for alterations and layaway management. 

In Candela Release 12.0.38 we have now further enhanced the functionality of advance orders by adding new features explained below.  

Candela product upgrades are based on your suggestions and feedback. Share your feedback and give us suggestions to improve our services. We love hearing from you.

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It's New

Bypassing Negative Inventory

 Advance orders can be booked for items or services for which inventory does not exist in the system, or, in other words, there is negative inventory for the orders being booked. Now even if sale is blocked for negative inventory, the system will allow you to book orders against negative inventory.

Advance Amount Restriction

 While booking orders you can set advance amount limit. This means to be able to book an order the customer will have to pay a certain percentage of the total price of the goods or services.

 Super User Authority for Bypassing Advance Amount Restriction

 If you want to, you can bypass advance amount restrict for certain customers by creating a super user.

New Advance Order Reports

C-70 Advance Order Summary Report provides complete details of order numbers, products or services ordered, delivery date, and delivery status.

C-71 Advance Order Summary Report  provides customer-wise details about order status, amount paid in advance, and delivery dates.

C-72 Advance Order Delivery Schedule report shows date wise delivery schedule of advance orders.

Check this link to for details on how to use the new features.


Did you Know?


surprisedYou can easily check sales generated against a particular type of discount.

Go to: Report>C-Sales Report>C-11>Shop Sales Report

Select the discount type; select line items and shops; Generate report.


surprisedYou can make a comparison between products sold on full price and those sold on discounted price.

Go to: Reports>C-Sales Reports>C-44 Sales to Stock Ratio

Give date range; select line item; generate report.


surprisedYou can easily find out which top 50 items are giving best margins.

Go to: Reports>C-Sales Reports>C-30 Product Wise Sales Profit Margin Report

Give date range; select line items; select category if you want to generate category wise report; generate report.



Wizard’s Commandment

Regularly check the negative stock to assess the health of inventory Use inventory report and then sort the inventory.

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