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Abdul Aziz (CEO) is answering a question about Candela during the Game Round in the Quarterly meeting of LumenSoft at Sunfort.

Greetings from LumenSoft,

 As you all know, one of the important elements of “4 Ps” of marketing is pricing strategy. Candela helps you develop various pricing strategies according to your business requirements and needs. In our last blog post, we showed you how to keep retail price flexible and in which situations flexible pricing can be helpful. This month we are sharing a blog post on customer based prices.

Since we are on the topic of pricing, we might as well mention a new feature related to POS. As you are well aware, Candela offers you the facility to use both payment and non-payment tills to satisfy various POS needs. Some of you shared instances where your salesperson, by mistake, entered sales in the nonpayment till and this, obviously, led to problems. Because sales entered in nonpayment tills don’t impact cash or stock.

We took notice of the problem and have now made Non Payment Till a right based feature. Just go to:

Security >Group Rights; select the group to which you don’t want to grant the right to view Non Payment till;  select Shop Activities and expand it. Now expand Non Payment till and uncheck the checkbox View.

This security feature will forestall any chance of entering sales by mistake in the nonpayment till.

There are many more new features that enhance various functionalities of Candela. You can upgrade your candela application to the latest release i.e., Some of the new features are also shared below in It's New section.

For any help/support regarding new features, feel free to reach out to us by sending an email to or by giving us a call at 111-290-290.  Or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Also, don't forget to subscribe to Retail Talk, our YouTube Channel.

Happy Retailing


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From Our Blog
February 7, 2018
How to Use Customer-Based Pricing Feature in Candela

Customer Based Pricing is a method of pricing where you segment your customers according to various types, and develop a pricing strategy that reflects the value of product or service from customer’s perspective.

 For example, you may group your customers into Retail, Whole Sale, Employees, Reference, etc., customers. You can also further categorize each group into different types and assign different prices to each type....

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Dear Techie,


I have been using Candela for quite a while now. Candela has made retail so simple for me and my business has also grown. Now I have six shops and have moved on to Candela Professional version. I need Candela to do more for me. Here is my problem:

All my six shops are in different localities with a different customer base. I think it will be a good idea to set different prices for products in each shop. This way each shop will offer prices according to what customers can afford in each locality. Is it possible?

Retailer- who -is- waiting for-Retail Magic


Dear Retailer who is waiting for Retail Magic,

Why Wait for the Magic when we have the Candela Wizard! We already have the feature of shop-based prices in Candela Enterprise version.  All you have to do is upgrade your candela to enterprise and you will be all set to configure different prices for different shops.

Happy Retailing!

Yours in Retail,

Candela Techie

It's New

To make things easier for Candela users, we have simplified the loader file format. As you know you can create various types of loader files to upload data in Candela. Now there is one simplified format for all types of loader files.  The header line is no longer mandatory, and the system will only consider the numeric value after the comma.

FOC column is now visible in Product Sale/Purchase History grid. (Product Sale/Purchase History grid becomes visible whenever you double click a loaded product in the grid on any screen).

Purchase conversion factor is an important feature and Candela gives you this facility see conversion details in GRN and some reports. Now you can check conversion details in Purchase Order grid as well.

Shop Message facility is a feature available in Candela Enterprise version. Now you can send one message to multiple shops at the same time. 


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