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Greetings from LumenSoft,

Imagine. You are scanning products and, automatically, the stock of the product being scanned appears telling you how much inventory of the product you have!

Keep imagining:

What if you could load one sales invoice with product details again and again? Wouldn’t it save the time you need to load products? And what if for returned items you could offer a credit note instead of having to return the amount?

Wouldn’t retail be simpler and life easier?

Now stop imagining. All this, and much more, is do-able in your very own Candela. You can read about our awesome new retail features below. 

And there is good news for those running retail pharmacies. There is now home delivery feature available that will help you deliver medicines right to your customers’ doorsteps. 


To learn more about the new features and latest upgrades, contact us. You can email us at or leave a comment on our Facebook page, Twitter or Website. And yes, do subscribe to our  YouTube Channel Retail Talk.  

Happy Retailing

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It’s New

Check item’s stock while loading products (introduced in release

Now when you scan on the sale and return screen while making an invoice, the product’s stock will automatically appear in the comments box. 

Note: For this feature to work, the ‘Show stock’ check-box should be checked on Group Rights>Shop Activities> Sales and Return.

Make a Copy of the Existing Sales Receipt (Introduced in

You can search on various filters and load the existing sales receipt in return mode with minus quantity; moreover, you can also copy the existing sales receipt with complete item list.

Click “Search Receipt” tab, and you will see 2 new columns along with every saved sale receipt i.e. “Copy” & “Return” When you click “Return” button, all items of that particular sales receipt will be loaded on the main tab in new mode with minus quantity. 

Note: All terms & conditions of the main “Return” button will be applied on this Return button as well. 

Similarly, when you click “Copy” button, all items of that particular sales receipt will be loaded on the main tab in new mode. You can copy the receipt for the selected customer (if customer search filter is used), or you can simply copy the entire item list and use it for a new customer. 

Receipt copying feature can be used in a number of ways. For example, book stores selling school syllabuses can use an invoice made for syllabus of a particular class, and copy it multiple times for other customers.

Issue a credit Note instead of Returning Amount (Introduced in release

If you’re managing “Gift Module” and you don’t want to return Cash to customers in case of “Sale Return Invoice” you can manage the return amount through “Credit Note”.  

 For this, you need to check a new checkbox “Credit Note Integration” on “Configuration > System Configuration > Customer Club Tab”.

When this checkbox is checked and Net Amount is negative on Sales & Return screen, on saving the invoice, system will open a new popup window asking to scan a gift card. You can scan open denomination gift card, the read only net amount of the receipt will be already there.  This means the amount to be returned will be adjusted against the top up amount of the gift card or credit note. 

For reference, the scanned gift card/credit-note number will appear in the "Additional Comments” field. 

Click Save button and the system will save the gift card amount and print a gift receipt. Now click the save button to print the sales receipt.

A Quick Refresher 

You can see the products on which manual discount has been applied on the sales and return screen 
On C-11 report, select manual discount from discount type drop down, and generate report. 
The Sales person wise report (C-12) shows sales against a specific mode of payment
Go to C-12.  Select the salesperson, select the mode of payment radio button, and generate report. 

There is a 3 inches invoice that also shows product discount 

Utilities>Setup and Configuration>Invoice Page Setup 

From Invoice Type drop down select Small (3 inch) with Product Discount

There is a report that gives you information about all your invoices put on hold on the sales and return screen
Reports>B-Audit reports> B-07 Sales Invoices Holding Report. Select line item, select POS, enter date range and Generate report.

 You can enter different terms and conditions on sale invoices for each shop 

Configuration>Shop Definition> Select shop>Misc tab 
Write down the footer in Shop Based Footer field.
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