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Sales return or exchange is a routine occurrence at retail stores. Lately, many fashion retailers faced issues when customers wanted to exchange a discounted item after the sale period.

The system did not load product discount after the sales and this resulted in a loss for the retailers. Not any more. Now when a customer wants to exchange or return a discounted item after the sales period, the system will automatically load the discounted price, and the customer will have to exchange or return an item according to the discounted price.

Customization of business hours was another feature that was requested by Candela users. Some retail outlets remain open after 12 am, or do their day end closing after midnight,  and the system treated the sales after 12 pm as the next day’s sales.

Now retailers can customize their business hours and all sales within that period will be treated as the day end sales. Three sales reports, C-11, C-12, and C-30 will reflect sales according to the customized business hours. 

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