January 2020

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Greetings from LumenSoft,

We hope the New Year started on a super exciting note for you. The New Year is about making new plans and setting new goals. Our 2020 goals, as always, are about making retail simple and efficient for you. As we always say, your feedback is what helps us make our products better. 

Based on your suggestions, processing the walk-in customer information has become more effective. We know that managing walk-in customer information is important for retailers, and our new blog article shows you how you can collect the walk-in customer information at non-payment tills. This feature will further expand the reach of your SMS marketing campaign.


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We introduced the retail tourism module in the last newsletter and promised to share the video tutorials of the module. So here are the links to the first two videos.  More videos will soon be available, subscribe to our Retail Talk our YouTube channel to get the notification when we upload them. 

If you are using the retail tourism module or plan to use it, let us know about your feedback and suggestions. 


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On the Nimbus RMS front, the Nimbus Team has made many changes to the interface, especially to the most used screen, i.e. the POS screen. Now the Nimbus users will find it more user-friendly and easier to navigate. 

If you are using Nimbus RMS Cloud Retail Software, do let us know what you think of the change.

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We love to hear from you. Write to us at naureen@lumensoft.biz 

Or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And yes, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel Retail Talk. Enjoy Retailing.

Stay happy and keep retailing,

Yours in Retail

Team LumenSoft

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