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LumenSoft Technologies is an Information Technology consulting company, founded in 2000. It caters to the retail industry by offering trusted POS solutions to thousands of single and multi-store chains. LumenSoft also provides retail consultancy regarding industry best practices which maximize value for the investment made by the customers.

The core philosophy that determines the direction of our business is: Make Retail Simple. It’s a customer-centric philosophy that aims to build retail solutions that are easy to use, and efficient enough to give our customers a competitive edge and help them achieve rapid business growth

Our Story

Over the Years


LumenSoft shifts to its company-owned building.

LumenSoft Office



The Story Continues…

LumenSoft Office

Candela Food



  • LumenSoft’s Office in Johar Town
  • Internship Department established



  • Land purchased for the office building
  • Candela Restaurant christened as Candela Food


Nimbus RMS

Expansion of Sales Team

  • Candela Pharmacy customer base grows during COVID-19
  • LumenSoft perfect its work-from-home model during the Pandemic
  • Candela Cloud is re-christened as Nimbus RMS
  • Candela Pharmacy gets a separate website
  • LumenSoft hires salespersons in different cities. Initially, three cities, Faisalabad, Sialkot, and Gujranwala are selected.

Candela M.

Candela Cloud

Partnership with Iron Horse Malaysia

  • LumenSoft grows to 40 plus employees
  • June  2014 partnership with Iron Horse Malaysia
  • Organizes 2nd retail conference
  • Wins Pasha ICT awards for best in CSR and Brand building
  • Third-party integrations (E- Connect, one load, MCB POS, Million accounting software)
  • Launches Candela M
  • Launches Android app for restaurant version of Candela
  • Launches Candela cloud (personal) beta version

First Retail Conference. 

Candela Versions. BI

  • Holds first-ever retail conference in Pakistan
  • Wins All World Network ‘Pakistan Fast Growth 100’ Award
  • Launches Candela BI
  • Launches Restaurant version of Candela



  • LumenSoft grows to 29 employees.
  • Candela deployed at 73 chain stores &more than 700 locations Presence in 42 cities in Pakistan and two countries worldwide.
  • Wins APICTA Award for best E-logistics and supply chain software Wins PASHA ICT Award 2011 Wins MITCEF BAP 2011 (business acceleration plan) Epic ride!
Year 2009-2010

Customer Support Center

International Partners

  • LumenSoft has become the largest retail chain solution provider in Pakistan with 300 installations including 28 chain stores
  • Launches customer support, and call center to support the maintenance needs of the customers
  • Partner network expands to countries across the globe

Overseas Project. Partnership Program


LumenSoft Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.

  • LumenSoft registered as a Private Limited Company “LumenSoft Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Registers in Microsoft partnership program; shifts the development platform to .NET
  • Develops ‘Lightwave’, an accounting software
  • Launches first billboard to introduce Candela
  • A steady rise in customers of ‘Lightwave’

From Personal Version to Enterprise Version

  • RCMS is re-christened as Candela
  • Formal marketing efforts launched
  • The company doubles the efforts on process improvement, quality assurance, and improved design methodology

First Office

First Chain Store Customer

  • LumenSoft acquires a big chain store customer for RCMS
  • Moves out of the incubator to a rented place in Cavalry grounds

Incubation at Lums

Establishment of a QA department

Registration with the Chamber of Commerce

Registration with the Pakistan Software Export Board

First Product: RCMS


  • LUMS offers an incubator for two years to LumenSoft
  • First three random projects including building a web portal and LUMS admission management project
  • The company registers with the Chamber of Commerce and Pakistan Software Export Board
  • Establishment of a Quality department with one QA engineer
  • A product for retail management is conceived and work starts on the project
  • The product is called Retail Chain Management System or RCMS

RCMS is Candela’s grandparent!

All this happens from an incubator of 18.5*13.5 feet!



  • A bunch of LUMS graduates conceives the idea
  • LumenSoft is founded and registered as the Association of People

The name was coined to represent a company that would be a beacon of light in the world of software development. For the founders the name also showed their association with and gratitude for their alma mater (LUMS).

CEO Birthday

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Lumensoft quarterly meeting
Usman Ali- Regional Marketing Manager
Birthday- Khalid

Culture Luminous- The Enabler of All Initiatives

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