Lumens Around a Bonfire is LumenSoft’s Idea of a Great Night.

by Jan 31, 2023

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  2. Lumens Around a Bonfire is LumenSoft’s Idea of a Great Night.
Bon fire night at LumenSoft

It was almost Postponed. “The weather is all about intermittent rain spells. I can’t spoil the event, it has to be perfect, postpoing the event is the only option,” announced Mudasir (our HR). He is a perfectionist and had vowed that January 2023 bonfire would be the best in the entire LumentSoft history.

The news flash, however, wasn’t taken sitting down. The Lumens are not the ones to let a mere forecast dull their sparkle. No way!

So the poor RC (our internal communication channel) was inundated with messages, memes, pictures, and weather news from every possible source.

rocket chat

Abid (our brilliant QA supervisor) even waxed lyrical to convince HR:

Abid’s poetic skills were much appreciated, and they also probably played a role in turning around the announcement.

Bonfire announcement

Bon fire event agenda

The moment the announcement was made, a palpable current of excitement was felt in the air. From donning his sports attire to running around and overseeing every tiny detail, Mudasir entered the hyper working mode.

Mudasir in working mode

Faisal (our graphic designer plus videographer), steadied his mobile camera, and, with a bounce in his step, went around to record the emotions.

While Nawaz Khan & Irfan Sultani from the support department, and Umsan Ali, from marketing, are famous for setting the party mood, the excitement in other departments, including the white-collar development department, was also at a fever pitch.

Even our super reserve Development head, Khalid Mansoor, sounded excited. And this is a rare occurrence! Our dev project manager, Jabbar said he kept thinking about the event and was finding it difficult to concentrate. See, our coding gurus are not so boring, after all.

if anyone can be a match for the spirited trio (Usman, Nawaz & Irfan), then it’s our QA Manager, Nadim. He is one of the singers of LumenSoft who is never shy of treating us to his songs. “Of course, I will sing and dance too if the ambiance called for it,” enthused Nadim.

Wouldn’t all parties become bland and colorless if there were no women around? Of course, they would. The female members of the lumenSoft team added magic and radiance. Most excited was our efficient Nimbus Sales team. The event was their first experience of a workplace bonfire, and they were willing to make the most of it.

And what took the party excitement up a notch was the open mic night with the proper music system. As Saif regaled us to his guitar and songs, the mic went around, and the lumens sang at full throttle.

Singers of LumenSoft

There were songs, laughter, dance, and, of course, food.

party in full swing
party mood

Dear lumens, be the spark– live light!

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