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“We interns are respected like other regular team members. For me, the best thing about working here is that there isn’t a tall hierarchy structure at LumenSoft, this helps us gel in with the team. And the senior managers are easily accessible.” Sundas shares her experience as an intern in the development department. Sundas is a young graduate and this is her first experience at a software company.

Sundas, and many other young graduates like her, are part of the LumenSoft TOP (Talent onboarding program). TOP at Lumensoft is meant to serve as a stepping stone for those wanting to enter the professional world. Internships are offered in various departments. And internships are not just about the hard skills in a particular field, interns also get a chance to hone their soft skills like working as a team, brainstorming a problem, etc. learning to interact and coexist with teammates from different backgrounds and skill levels.

Sundas Javaid. BSIT from FC College, Lahore. Graduated in 2022

TOP is a 3-Pronged Approach to Training Young Professionals For the Job Market.


Short-Term Work Experience for Students

Most degree programs require students to complete an internship period in order to graduate. Such internships are meant to provide some entry-level exposure to the professional world. For students, LumenSoft offers a diverse and inclusive internship experience that exposes students from different backgrounds and universities to the various departments of LumenSoft. The students get to spend a week or so in each department to get to know what LumenSoft does and how.

Internship for For Fresh Graduates

Internship program for fresh graduates is meant to groom them for the job market. Hands-on experience for three months prepares them for the professional world. So far all young graduates who have interned with LumenSoft are now steadily climbing the rungs of their career ladder either at LumenSoft or other companies. All internships for young graduates are paid internships.


Internship program at LumenSoft-Quality Assurance
Internship Program- Support Department

​Returnship for Filling-in Gaps in Updated Skills

LumenSoft also offers a return-to-work program for adults who have taken a career break for a variety of reasons. It’s an equal opportunity program, but, so far, mainly females have benefited from this segment of TOP. And understandably so. Women sometimes take extended careers breaks for raising kids, marital responsibilities, caring for parents, etc. Paid returnships are offered to IT graduates to help them reboot their careers and ease back into the workforce.

Internship Program:

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of internships LumenSoft offers?

LumenSoft’s TOP (Talent Onboarding Program) offers internships in Development, QA, Support, and Communications.

How can I apply for an internship at LumenSoft?

You just have to fill in the internship application form. The HR will receive the application, and contact you when their is an intership vacancy.

How long does an internship last?

The internship period is three months. For students, the duration is set according to their degree requirements.

Do I need to be at the office full-time?

Yes. All interns observe office timings.

Are internships paid?

All internships for young IT graduates and return-to-work candidates are paid internships. However, internships in other departments and student internships are unpaid.

Are virtual internships allowed?

No. So far we have not introduced virtual internships.

Will I be hired by LumenSoft after internship?

Depends. If there is a vacancy, and if you prove yourself during the internship period and fulfill our hiring criteria for a particular department, you can be offered a full-time job at LumenSoft.

How can I make the most of my internship?

Don’t take your internship lightly. Treat it like you would treat your paid full-time job. Become an active contributor to your own learning, ask questions, take the initiative, get to know the company, and make an extra effort to master the skills. Remember, the internship is the first rung on the career ladder. It is your time to show seriousness, motivation, and professionalism.

Departments in Which Internships are Offered


Quality Assurance


Customer Support


Mehek Shafique
Year of Graduation: 2013


I decided to return to work after a long gap. I am grateful to LumenSoft for providing a platform where I can polish my skills and learn all about the latest technologies. The entire LumenSoft team is very helpful. I have had a great learning experience.

Afaq ullah
BSIT from FAST National University, Faisalabad
Year of Graduation: 2021


I joined LumenSoft Technologies to get a hands-on experience in IT development. Here I was introduced to new tools and technologies. Some years down the lane, if I ever get the chance to work here again I would love to become a permanent member of the LumenSoft team.

Rubab Abbas
BSIT from Islamia University Bahawalpur
Year of Graduation: 2020


I couldn’t join the workforce after graduation due to some personal reasons. After a gap of two years, I decided to join the industry and LumenSoft gave me this opportunity to brush up on my skills. Now I am on solid ground and can start looking for a job.

Saqib Arshad
BSIT from Islamia University Bahawalpur
Year of Graduation: 2020


At LumenSoft, I started working on new tools and technologies. C sharp & full stack .NET were completely new for me. LumenSoft provided me the opportunity to improve my skills and I fully availed this opportunity. The internees also get the chance to play in tournaments as part of the company cricket team.

Internship Application Form

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