Building Blocks and Tea Cups: Chronicles from the Office Building Site

by Oct 24, 2023

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  2. Building Blocks and Tea Cups: Chronicles from the Office Building Site
Tea party in full swing

The Saturday of October 14, 2023 dawned clear and windy, heralding changing weather and, of course, new beginnings at the new site! Buildings take on the mood of the people inhabiting it, or, in this case, of the Lumens, who will soon become part of it. So the Saturday mood of the building was Lumeny (it is a newly-coined adjective for all things LumenSoft, and means all bright and lively like Lumens!)

Here’s a firsthand report of what unfolded at the tea party amidst the building blocks of our new office.

First Floor:

Munir, the office assistant, was all smiles as he brewed a fresh pot of tea on the first floor, which would accommodate our crucial support, marketing, and accounts departments.


Tea always has a way of making people happy! Meanwhile, Akram, the driver, was engaged in a mysterious sweets operation in one corner We’ll have to see what that corner turns into.

The prospect of support and marketing sharing a space raised some interesting questions. With the SalesSultans closely watching, would the Lords of Nuts and Bolts respond to tickets at lightning speed? Or might the support department convince the marketing wizards to take things slowly, one customer at a time? Not likely, I’d say!

As for Accounts, Mushtaq, our accounts manager, believes they should occupy a somewhat elusive spot, far from prying eyes. Let’s see.

StairsThe dedicated lift area ignited enthusiasm among the Lumens who consider physical exertion a squandering of life and energy! Nonetheless, the management, deeply concerned for the physical well-being of Lumens, is contemplating the idea of keeping the lift non-operational in the mornings. Taking the stairs in the morning can offer Lumens the essential physical activity and kickstart their day with more energy.

Yet, what about our Fashionably Late Code Wizard, Arslan? Will we need to halt the lift again when he arrives? That seems like quite a hassle. Perhaps we ought to explore alternative methods to ensure his health and vitality.

Second Floor

The second floor is home to our most vibrant department, where brainstorming sessions take flight, ideas flourish, code production is in full swing, and, of course, our superhero QA department diligently carries out its fault-finding mission. It’s also the welcoming space for our new interns. Here, they’ll have the opportunity to dive headfirst into the intricate and thrilling realm of coding, up close and personal.


This change also means that Zohaib, our intern guru, won’t have to shuttle back and forth between the development department and the intern room. Exciting times are ahead, indeed!

Yes-The QA department needs a bright corner
Let me think what I can do to outwit the coding gurus
Discussion in progress
Serious talk


Abid, our efficient Bug Zapper, fixed his gaze on a sunny spot by the window, convinced it should be the designated place for our QA department to dissect codes and expose their flaws in broad daylight.

“The QA department bears a significant responsibility. They require ample light and fresh air to illuminate the intricacies of the code,” remarked Abid, This sparked a lively debate about whether the codes needed more illumination or the fault-finders did.

I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a coder out there capable of giving our QA department a real run for their money, with absolutely no hidden flaws in their code. Most of the coding experts believed that might be a bit of a stretch. Ahtasham, on the other hand, showed some enthusiasm. I suspect it has something to do with his passion for coffee. After all, have you ever met a coffee enthusiast without a can-do attitude? I certainly haven’t. Okay, I might be a bit biased in favor of coffee aficionados, but still!

Third Floor

Climbing to the third floor, we were welcomed by an inviting tea table adorned with steaming hot tea, freshly fried samosas, jalebis, and namak paras. To our surprise, there were even sofas! How did this transformation occur within the span of an hour? Leave it to our ever-resourceful accounts manager, Mushtaq, to pull off the impossible – he even managed to bring sofas to a construction site.

The third floor serves as the command center of LumenSoft, housing the CEO’s office, and steering the ship of operations. It’s also the epicenter of communication and the launching point for HR policies.

And who knows, with a little persuasion from yours truly, we might witness the birth of a cozy artisan coffee nook on this floor– a vision I kept entertaining. After all, imagination is the first step, isn’t it?


The rooftop offers an interesting view of the expo center, emporium, and the surrounding locales. Nonetheless, the Lumens had a different objective in mind – to determine if the rooftop could serve as a suitable location for all their future barbecue events. The verdict? Absolutely, it fits the bill. While the view can be a plus, the main purpsoe is to have a great time with delicious food. Decision made!


Have you heard of NESCAFÉ Basement? That’s all the hint you’re getting. Let there be some mysteries!! Here’s to the exciting moments ahead, to joy and productivity! Cheers!


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