Office Chronicles: Settling Into the New ‘Office of Our Own’

by Jan 11, 2024

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  2. Office Chronicles: Settling Into the New ‘Office of Our Own’
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Transitioning to a new office space brings with it a mix of excitement and challenges. it is almost like getting your new, latest model of smart phone. New buttons, new software, and new features come with the challenge of navigating the new interface, discovering the hidden features, and learning the settings. Lumens are in the same phase now. There are inevitable hiccups, some “what about my karak chai?” moments. But Lumens are getting used to the unfamiliar, and here we swipe through the challenges of settling in. Scroll on!

Tea time at lumensoft

Tea Tales: Brewing Changes and Nostalgic Sips

Now, let’s spill the tea on lumens’ tea-time. Tea making is now totally revolutionized. Instead of the various elaborate tea-making ceremonies, we now have just one tea machine that serves two types of tea plus cappuccino with just a push of a button.

For die-hard doodh patti enthusiasts like Nawaz, it’s a sad farewell to the endless bottles of khalis malik in the fridge. He is known as something of a tea maestro and is famous for making doodh patti type of chai.

Nawaz now walks with a slightly wounded pride and is contemplating a thermos filled with pure milky tea. But Munir, our office boy, is living his best life—his tea-related duties are now reduced to the simple act of pouring tea from the vending machine. Nevertheless, the echoes of nostalgia for the ‘cooked’ karak chai can still be heard.

Lunchtime: Mess-Free Moments

Our lunch hour has become more colorful. No more in-house cooking and menu planning saga. Lunch at Lumensoft is now all about office deliveries and scouting nearby food joints for the perfect meal. Farrah and Saima are really excited because they have discovered some good parathas joints.

Irfan Sultani, the mess manager in the bygone era of the old offices, can now follow more worthwhile pursuits instead of the end-of-month struggle to chase lumens for overdue payments.
Paratha days and mess-free moments are here to stay!

Office Neighbors in the New Office

lumenSoft departments

Here’s the scoop on new office neighbors: As I reported earlier, our new seating plan turned marketing and support into next-door buddies. They’re now sharing the same floor, exchanging glances, and possibly some inside jokes. Usman Ali, the regional marketing manager, has his concerns about needing a bit of privacy for the occasional department huddle. But isn’t it a good thing that support knows the marketing strategies and marketing gets a peek into the customer’s pain points? I can’t help but wonder, though—maybe they’re hiding some secret coffee rituals! I need to check.

Over in the development department, they’ve found their groove. No outside disturbances—just the way they like it. The only tweak? The interns are now rubbing elbows with the seniors. Waqas, who was once an intern and experienced independent intern territory, thinks it’s a brilliant move. “Now, interns get to learn the tricks of the trade up close and personal,” he opines.

Generally speaking, life for our coding gurus is pretty smooth. Saqib Hanif, though, has a tiny woe – “The kitchen is too far from the dev department… food should be just an arm’s length away!”

Now, the accounts department has climbed up to the third floor, right next to the communications squad and in the vicinity of the CEO’s watchful gaze. Do they feel the heat under the CEO’s radar? Mushtaq, our diplomatic accounts manager says, “No problems here. You can work anywhere, CEO or no CEO watching.” Mushtaq didn’t utter a word about comfort or feeling any pressure. Well, this diplomacy comes with being a successful accounts manager!

The Elevator Limbo and Stairs Climber Workout

stair-way lumensoft

Our elevator is still hanging in limbo, and the lumens have to incorporate the stair-climbing workout into their lives by default. Some have mastered the art, effortlessly conquering over a hundred stairs daily to reach their fitness goals, while others are still huffing and puffing, taking breaks after every floor.

Akram, the driver, is head over heels for stair climbing, considering it his newfound workout love in the new office. However, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for the stair-climbing regimen.

Rizwan Sohail from the dev department isn’t exactly a fan, and right now, it seems to be the only hiccup in his new office experience. Saqib Hanif, another coding guru, is ready for the stairs climbing challenge, but there is one condition: there must be ‘halwa’ on every floor. Anything for ‘halwa’!”

Now, Junaid is a bit caught up in a confusion web, climbing floors all day long to install the access control system. In the process, he might have shed a few pounds—not necessarily a bad thing, right?

LumenSoft’s Cue-spiracy all Set to Produce Snooker & Foosball Champions

Lumensoft sports

While a cricket ground is nearby and lumens still love cricket, snooker and foosball have become the latest obsessions. Leading the charge are snooker maestros Usman Ali and Abid. It’s understandable—Usman Ali, the marketing maestro, has developed the faculty to strike the perfect move. while Abid, thanks to bug-catching expertise, excels at precisely hitting the cue ball.

Yet, there are those who are new to the world of pockets and sticks, learning the ropes until they master the art. Let’s keep an eye on how many snooker and foosball champions LumenSoft produces by the end of 2024. The game is on—watch and wait!

With each passing day, lumens are syncing in to the new office software. They are pressing ‘Enter’ to add new memories, adding ‘hashtags’ to 116, J-2 Johar town, and pressing ‘Caps Lock’ to write LUMENSOFT.

Cheers to new beginnings!


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