Lumens at Rana Resort: A Tale of Cricket, Rides, Feasts, and Endless Smiles

by Nov 21, 2023

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  2. Lumens at Rana Resort: A Tale of Cricket, Rides, Feasts, and Endless Smiles
Rana Resort_The Journey begins

Rana Resort: The Journey Begins


Picture this: a crisp November morning, buzzing with excitement as we prepared to kick off our much-anticipated trip to Rana Resort. Mustaq Anwar, our accounts maestro and trip manager had set the 9:30 office departure deadline, and the last-minute calls to the late lumens added a touch of frenzy.

There were a few late arrivals, some last minute preparations that led to a slight delay from our planned departure time. Adeel, our bean counter, counted heads as we boarded the coach. Lumens were seen boarding with their cricket kits.. No LumenSoft trip is complete without a few cricket matches!

As the wheels rolled on, Usman Ali, our regional sales manager emerged as the hero who danced through the journey creating an infectious party vibe. The lumens from the Dev department, Ahtasham, and Saqib Hanif, attempted to match Usman’s energy, but our sales supremo had set a bar difficult to reach!

Mid-journey, a competition sparked among the male and female lumens for the coveted role of DJ. Turn by turn, they battled to control the playlist, with Coding Gurus emerging as the main maestros from the male camp. I believe, Mr. Blue Tooth was the actual unsung hero of the coach concert as it jumped from one cell to another to keep the song list moving.

Cricket Mania Unleashed


Rana Resort_cricket mania

The cricket fervor hit Lumens the moment we stepped into the resort. The ground was scouted, the pitch discovered, and teams swiftly formed. Lumens naturally split into two groups, leading to two exciting matches. According to Faisal’s firsthand account, Usman Ali captained his team to victory in both games.

“And the man of the match?” I asked Faisal.

“Obviously me,” he replied with a wide grin! I must admit, I haven’t fact-checked this claim!

Trailblazing Female Lumens: Coffee Nooks, and Woodsy Adventures



trail blazing female lumens

While the cricket showdown unfolded, our adventurous female lumens set out to explore the resort. As the saying goes, ‘seek and ye shall find,‘ and find we did: a charming nook where I could brew my French press, while Farah, Saima, and Wasifa relaxed.

We even struck up a friendship with a woodsman, sipped coffee in a straw hut, and strolled along a picturesque walking track. The perfect blend of coffee and exploration!

The Happy Hour-Lunch



Happy lunch hour

Cricket and all that exploration made us ravenous and the buffet lunch was the perfect antidote. Lumens, are known for their hearty appetite and discerning taste buds. They all agreed that the food hit the spot. It had the right level of spice, perfectly attuned to the lumens’ preferences. From kebabs to biryani and karahi, every dish was done justice to by Lumens.

The feast rejuvenated everyone to the point where Saqib Hanif accidentally shattered a glass with a mere touch. Faisal promptly documented the shattered pieces. Now these pieces will forever remain a memento of Saqib’s display of strength!

The Rides: Trains, Horses, and Boats


The rides

Post-lunch, the Lumens were brimming with newfound energy... Saqib Hanif had already displayed it by shattering the glass! To forestall more such losses, the energy was channelized into one ride after another.

Faisal, attempting to capture Lumens in action from the moving train, found himself in a cinematic chase scene as he ran to keep pace with it. Adeel displayed remarkable horsemanship skills during our horse riding adventure. He is a natural equestrian, I think. Even those who were initially shy eagerly took turns. All of them wanted photographs and videos to capture their moments as horse riders.

Boating was so much fun and left us craving more. By the time we wrapped up our boating ride, the sun had begun its descent. Nevertheless, there was still a window for some shopping, with the female Lumens indulging in a spree to their heart’s content.

Usman Ali’s DJ Finale and Karak Chai

As we headed back, Usman Ali took on the role of DJ, playing some soothing tunes that perfectly complemented the mood. Everyone remained busy watching the videos, selfies, and pictures, reliving the entire trip. Finally, the karak chai at a a roadside truck hotel created a perfect ending to the trip

Lumens, Keep Radiating Light and Joy!

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