Work Anniversary ‘The Best Is Yet to Come’

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Work anniversaries are always special. It is not just about the number of years you have been with a company, it is also about the memories you have made, and the goals you have achieved. Work anniversary is the occasion to take stock of your growth as a professional and as a person.

When you look back, you see the various milestones showing the trajectory of your life. June 2022 marks the work anniversaries of Lumens who have been with LumenSoft for a considerable chunk of time.

Here is a snippet of the tete-a-tete I had with them.

Usman Ali: Regional Marketing Manager


13 Years, and Still Going Strong! A few words about your journey:


From joining as a sales officer to becoming the regional sales manager, the journey has been a long and exciting one. I had worked at three organizations before I joined LumenSoft, but here I got the chance to explore my potential to the fullest.

LumenSoft is an important part of my life. When I look back I see how I have grown as a person and a professional. The promotion letters I received during this time accurately document my life story.


So Sales and Marketing are Your true calling?


You can say that. It is my passion, but I could never have discovered it without the mentorship of our CEO, Abdul Aziz. From him, I learned how to talk, how to observe, and how to deal with customers. I will remain forever grateful to him for believing in me. I still remember the first time he asked me to give a demo to an important customer. I was nervous, but his trust in me helped me overcome my inhibitions.


Your happiest memory so far?


There are many happy memories. But receiving a gift of a car from LumenSoft is one moment that stands out for me. It felt awesome to be acknowledged. Life at LumenSoft-Car gift from LumenSoft


Future Goals?

I have been dealing with retailers and wholesalers for a long stretch of time. And my customers’ business aspirations seemed to have rubbed off on me! I want to start my own business, and my business will be named after Candela. Like Candela Mart, Candela garments, etc.

I am also working on improving my professional skills to help me use emerging marketing technologies.



Any Personal Goal?


Yes. I want to lead a more healthy life and change my eating habits. I have gone off junk food and have already lost 12 kg. I Intend to keep up the momentum.


One Habit You Would Like to Break?


I tend to be lazy at times and think too much. I want to become more of a doer.

Good luck, Usman, with all your future endeavors and plans. And Happy Work Anniversary.


Faisal Nadeem: Graphic Designer & Web Master

Let’s hear your story:


It’s been six years. I remember the time I joined Lumensoft as a graphic designer. Before joining LumenSoft, I had been working in Php. But as LumenSoft migrated to WordPress, I shifted to WordPress as my go-to CRM. There has been no looking back. Adope photshop, illustrator, camtaisa… Thanks to LumenSoft I learned these tools and developed expertise in them.


Most Cherished memory


Life at LumenSoft-Company tripWhen I received the employee of the month award for the first time. The acknowledgment meant a lot to me. There are many other happy memories of various company recreational trips.

On the personal front my daughter, Irhaa, was born three years after I joined LumenSoft. So, my time at LumenSoft has brought personal and professional joyous moments.


Future Goals-Professional and Personal?


I am planning to learn a few more tools to upskill myself. My plans include learning animation and eCommerce website development.

On the personal front, I want to work on my spiritual dimension.


How have you grown as a person in the last six years?


Expanding my skill repertoire has given me more confidence. And also, becoming a father the second time around has been a sobering experience. I feel more responsible and calmer. I also feel that I have learned to deal with emotions maturely.

Best of Luck, Faisal. May all your dreams come true. And Happy Work Anniversary.

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